Diabetes Coaching Service

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with diabetes or simply want friendly support in managing your diabetes, I’d love to be your diabetic buddy! For a flat weekly fee, I will provide support and health-coaching, via chat.

Diabetes Counseling

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Q: Who can benefit from this service?
Anyone with diabetes or pre-diabetes might benefit, but I believe the service is most beneficial for people who have just been diagnosed or have just begun new treatment. It can also support long-term diabetics who want to make significant lifestyle changes or who are changing treatment methods (such as a type 2 diabetic beginning insulin therapy or a type 1 switching from MDI to a pump).

Q: How does the service work?
A: Currently, the service is provided through text messaging. If you would prefer not to use your phone’s text messaging plan, I recommend utilizing a free online service that provides unlimited text messaging, such as Google Voice.

Q: Do you have any certifications or special qualifications?
A: I am a certified Health Coach. I also happen to be a type 1 diabetic, obsessive researcher, and eager helper!

Q: Do you give medical advice?
A: I am not a medical or healthcare professional, and I do not give medical advice. I will never, for example, tell you what medications to take or how much insulin to give yourself. If some of your questions are medical in nature, I can help you develop a list of useful questions for your doctor and/or help you do research.

Q: If you can’t give medical advice, what kind of advice can you give?
A: Managing diabetes is far more complicated than just taking medicine or calculating insulin, and challenges will arise that your doctor or Diabetic Educator have never addressed. Also, sometimes you simply need a friend who understands what you’re going through! A few examples of of the types of questions this service is designed to address are:

    • “I’m flying overseas next month. What should I take with me and how should I pack my medication and supplies?”
    • “I can’t afford these test strips. Do I have other options?”
    • “How does a ketogenic diet work?”
    • “Why does my blood sugar always go low after eating this high-fiber bread, even though my I:C works perfectly for everything else?”
    • “I’m running low on insulin and can’t refill my prescription until 3 days from now. What resources can help me get through this?”
    • “How can I safely exercise with diabetes?”
    • “I’m tired of so many highs and lows. What lifestyle changes can help me stabilize my blood sugar?”
    • “I’m always waking up to discover I’ve pulled out my pump’s infusion site! What can I do?”
    • “I saw some people on a forum talking about ‘Dawn Phenomenon.’ What the heck is that?”
    • “I was just diagnosed last week, and I’m so overwhelmed. Can we just talk for a bit?”

Q: How quickly do you respond?
A: If I’m able to, I’ll respond right away. My favorite thing is having back-and-forth, real-time chats! It might take me a little longer at other times, especially if you live in a very different time zone than I do (Central Time). I respond to all communications within 24 hours, but it’s usually far sooner than that.

A: Can we talk on the phone or Skype?
Q: This service is currently offered though text-based chat only. If voice or video call services ever become available, clients will be notified of the option.

Q: I really just have a quick question, though. Can you help me without using this service?
A: I really do love helping people with diabetes and I understand that sometimes you just have a quick question. Go ahead and email me. If I can help with just a quick answer, I will! If it’s too complicated or you continue to have more questions, then I will refer you back to this service.

Q: Do you know everything about diabetes?
A: My friend, no one knows everything about diabetes! When I don’t know the answer to a question, I will help you find the answer. As an obsessive researcher and as a former librarian, this is one of my strengths!

Q: What if this service turns out to not be right for me?
A: If the service doesn’t work for you at all because of technical difficulties or because I simply cannot meet any of your needs, you will receive a full refund. You can also cancel your subscription anytime.